February 28, 2010

East Coast Trip

A little late on blogging, but here are some photos from our trip to the east coast. We had a fantastic trip; family, friends, snow and two trips to the ER....what a great and adventurous trip we had!

Doesn't Aubrey look so tiny on this couch!
The girls and their Grandpa, they LOVE their grandpa.
It snowed just a few days after we arrived. Sophie loved playing in the snow.
Sophie ADORES her cousins and loved playing with them.
Sophie's first trip to the ER. She pulled her elbow out of its socket (Nursemaid's Elbow) and a quick visit to the ER fixed it.
We spent a night in Maine with our good friends Darrell and Pippy and their sweet boys, Ian and Alex. It wasn't to long ago that it was just us four adults hanging out and now each of our families have doubled!
Here is Ian reading the Valentine's Day card Sophie made for him. Future lovebirds??????
Typical Aubs, happy as can be.
I spent a day in Boston with our friends the Hortons (thanks for having us!) and my friend Jess and her daughter Lily came to visit. The three girls played so well together.
Visit #2 to the ER, but with Aubrey this time. Poor sweet baby had a double ear infection.

Plane ride home. Ed left to head back to CA a few days before so the girls and I were on our own for the last few days of our trip. Poor little Aubs ears hurt her so much and I think she cried 6 out of the 7 hour plane ride. Thankfully there were some really nice people who helped me along the way. Thank you kind strangers!


Hilary said...

love all these pictures...the girls in the snow...just priceless!!

Nicole Svendsen said...

siena has those same princess jammies. SO sorry that everyone made a trip to the ER--traveling with kids is can be so hard.

Pippy & Darrell said...

We had so much fun with u guys . . . next time your place :)